Our Story

It's all about the family

Eizenstien Diamonds

Since 1983

Since 2016 we open up an office in the heart of the diamonds district in midtown Manhattan NYC located at 22 West 48th St. across the street from world famous Rockefeller center.

Our commitment to you

At Eizenstien we are committed…

To fulfilling our customer’s requirements in price, quality and flexibility.

To give you, our customer, the highest level of personal service.

To uphold our good name by offering our customers exceptional diamonds.

Eizenstien delivers quality with integrity:

Established over twenty five years ago by Avner Eizenstien, our company is a world leader in the international diamond trade.  Know for quality and service, Eizenstien caters to the diverse needs of our customers with warmth, reliability and professional expertise in all areas of the diamond industry. We specialize in the manufacture of fine diamonds. Every cut; brilliants, princess cut, emerald cut and bagueites. Every size; from 0.01 to 5.0 carat and beyond. Every level of qurity; from IF to Pique. Plus fancy color natural diamonds and GIA,HRD,EGL Certified. Our office is conveniently located in the Maccabi Building of the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. Eizenstien is your address for diamonds.